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Terms & Conditions

General conditions for using the online store


1.1 These terms of use limit the rights and obligations between customers of the online store (hereinafter the Client) and Natural Products OÜ (hereinafter when concluding a transaction (purchase of goods). The exchange of goods occurs on a legal basis.

1.2. For all registered users of and guests wishing to purchase products, these conditions, product prices, product information and legal acts of the Republic of Estonia apply.

1.3 reserves the right to unilaterally amend the general conditions for using the online store, change the terms of sale and prices. All changes take effect from the moment the information appears on the website

1.4 If the Customer placed an order before the entry into force of amendments to the provisions, then the purchase terms and conditions valid at the time of order will be valid for this order, unless otherwise provided by law or these conditions.


2.1 All prices of the online store are indicated in euros (€) and include VAT.

2.2. Product prices do not include delivery. Delivery cost depends on the delivery method chosen by the Client and is indicated on the invoice separately.

2.3 reserves the unilateral right to change product prices.

2.4. If the Customer places an order before changing the price of the goods, then in this case the Customer receives the goods at the price that was valid at the time of the order. does not refund price differences.

2.5. The price acting on the purchased goods is displayed in the basket when placing the order.


3.1 sells, the Customer buys the goods offered in the online store

3.2 After confirming the order, the Client receives an invoice to his contact email address. If the Client has not received an invoice and order confirmation, please inform about this at

3.3. In the invoice sent to the Client, the goods selected by him, the method and cost of delivery, contact details of the Client, as well as all the details for paying the bill are indicated.

3.4 When placing an order, the Client has the right to choose for himself a suitable payment method (via Internet banking, credit card or cash) and the method of receiving the goods.

3.5 The sales contract concluded between and the Client comes into force after confirmation and 100% payment of the order. All concluded contracts are stored in the database

3.6 An order is completed within one business day after receipt of payment to the current account

3.7 If the Customer has not paid the invoice within 2 business days, has the right to cancel this order.

3.8 When placing and paying for an order in our online store, the Client confirms that he has read the general terms of use, fully agrees with them and will comply with them.


4.1 After the conclusion of the transaction (payment of the invoice for the goods), the order is completed and sent to the address indicated by the Client.

4.2. The delivery times indicated in the online store are valid from the moment of payment of the invoice and depend on the method and place of delivery.

4.3 If the Customer wishes to change the delivery address, he must notify about this as soon as possible. If the order has already been sent to the specified address, then the delivery location can no longer be changed.

4.4 After sending the parcel, will send a notification to the Customer’s email address.

4.5 Prevention of delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of goods depends on the accuracy and correctness of the data provided by the Client. is not responsible for the timing and misunderstandings due to inaccurate or incorrect data provided by the Client when placing the order.

4.6 If the goods (but not the packaging) were damaged during transportation, then has the right to replace the goods with a new one. If replacement is not possible (due to lack of goods), then pays the cost of damaged goods to the Client.

4.7 reserves the right to amend the terms of delivery of goods.


5.1 All products in the online store are 100% original. Photos are illustrative and actual products may vary in colour, shape, size and other parameters from images on the site. Each product sold has a description, next to the photo, and its expiration date, which is indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer.

5.2 Based on the Law of Obligations Act of the Republic of Estonia, the Client has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the moment of its receipt. Returned goods must be undamaged, unused, with labels and in unopened original packaging.

5.3 When returning the goods, it is necessary to submit a free-form application to the email address within 14 days from the receipt of the parcel. The application must indicate: the reason for the return, the name and surname of the Client, the name of the goods, as well as the order number.

5.4 If a defect is found, the Client is obliged to notify of this by sending an email to with the following information: name and surname of the Client, contact details, date, alleged defect of the goods (preferably together with photo), number or copy of the invoice for the goods. The corresponding statement must be sent no later than 14 days after the discovery of the defect.

5.5 is not responsible for defects that have occurred: through the fault or negligence of the Client; when using the goods for other purposes; during normal physical wear and tear during normal use.

5.6. The cost of shipping the returned goods is borne by the Customer. pays for the delivery of goods only if the goods were defective or did not correspond to the order.

5.7 Money for returned goods and forwarding is paid to the Customer on the current account within 30 days from the receipt of the goods

5.8 If the Client wishes to exchange the goods for another or for the same goods of a different volume, then the costs of delivery of the goods shall be borne by the Client. An exception is the case when a defective or non-order item is replaced.

5.9 If the goods received by the Customer are found to be defective, which could not be detected during an external inspection and which did not arise upon opening the packaging, has the right to reduce the price of the ordered goods or completely reimburse the cost of the goods to the Customer.


6.1 is liable to the Client for damage caused by violation of the conditions of, in accordance with the established legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

6.2 The Client is liable to for damage caused by the violation by the Client of the conditions of, in accordance with the established legal acts of the Republic of Estonia. The client is fully responsible for the information provided and all the consequences that may arise due to the data provided by him.

6.3 None of the parties is liable to the other party for damage or delayed delivery of the order if it was caused by circumstances that neither of the parties could influence or foresee (force majeure). Failure to fulfil the obligations of the parties under force majeure circumstances does not constitute a violation of these General Terms.

6.4 does not compensate moral damage that may be caused by a change in the delivery time, price changes, etc. under these conditions.

6.5 does not compensate the Client's expenses caused by circumstances when the Client assumes responsibility to third parties (not dependent on on conditions that are contrary to these conditions.

6.6 does not indemnify the Client for lost opportunities caused by changes in prices, delivery times, etc.

6.7 is not responsible for interruptions in the provision of services, delays, errors and malfunctions of the site resulting from violations in the work of third parties, service and postal companies, as well as violations resulting from force majeure circumstances (natural phenomena, blackouts, etc.) that are beyond the control of

6.8 The maximum amount of compensation may be the cost of goods and delivery, ordered by the Customer in the online store


7.1 These general terms of use of are subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia. If any of the provisions of the conditions of the order is invalid, then this does not affect the validity of the other conditions of the contract and is replaced by another provision closest to it in legal and economic significance.

7.2 All these issues are resolved in accordance with the rules covered by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.